Single Arm Torsion Bar Thrusters

Single Arm Torsion Bar Thrusters

If there is one workout that hurts the soul and determination of both beginners and pros alike - we have found it. The Single Arm Torsion Bar Thruster. Believe me when I say you’ll feel this one.

 Single arm thrusters are an intense workout that engages your arms, core, back, shoulders and legs while also testing your balance and stability. Single arm thrusters can assist in correcting asymmetries (or differences) in one side of your body compared to the other – or for those who are overcoming injury.

This movement can be modified by selecting a heavier, or lighter AUSFIT Torsion Bar – or by changing to a more challenging grip.

 How to do a rep:

  1.     Starting with your knees shoulder width apart, grab your chosen Torsion Bar and holding the Torsion Bar to your side
  2.     Squat down so that your thighs are parallel to the ground
  3.     Stand upwards in an explosive manner and press the Torsion Bar above your head
  4.     Bring arm back down to starting position
  5.     Repeat for the other arm

 We recommend that you do 12 reps for 3 sets (remember that each rep needs to include both arms). If you find the traditional grip too simple (we get it you work out!) go ahead and try a more challenging pinch grip, grab a heavier bar, or use one of the markers on the bar to offset your grip, which will make the movement more challenging by changing the bearing of the load - what this means is that you’ll engage a new muscle - or new part of the same muscle, which will increase the difficulty. You’ll feel the movement in a new way.

 Single Arm Torsion Bar Thruster Challenge: See how many thrusters you can do with correct form, in 1 minute. On the squat, try and have your hips below your knees at the lowest point and on the thruster extension, ensure your arm is fully extended above your head. Post your challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #ATBThruster. Extra points for pinch grip or the use off an offset!